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What makes the best interior designers in Mumbai different from others?

Interior designing is a multi-dimensional activity. It is not only an art but also a science. Needless to say, there has been a lot of academic research in universities regarding the skill of perfect designing of home interiors, and several theories have been developed for the same. If you are thinking research for interior designing is a new thing, then you must not be aware of the ancient theories of interior designing.

In India, the principles of Vastu Shastra have been followed in house designing since ancient times. Although there are certain spiritual approaches in Vastu Shastra, the basic premise of the philosophy is based on the design which would be apt for residential purposes. Similar philosophies of interior designing have been developed in China too like Feng Shui. Although the ancient theories of interior designing have been influential in the past, it would be safe to assume that today more and more scientifically proven methodologies have made their way into the field of interior designing.

There are a large number of interior designers in Mumbai. Thus, the question is not how to find an interior designer in Mumbai but how to find the best interior designers in Mumbai. Here, you should understand that the best interior designers do maintain slightly different approaches to interior designing in comparison to others. The best interior designers never impose their ideas on the clients. They talk to the clients first and try to understand if they have anything in mind about how the interior design should be. If it is possible, the design ideas shared by the clients are incorporated in the professional design.

Nowadays, interior designing has begun to rely on thematic implementations. This is a very good thing as a theme changes the entire look of a house. However, a good interior designer never selects the theme all by himself or herself. Elaborate discussions happen between the designer and the residents before the theme is selected. Interior designing is collaborative in nature and an interior design becomes successful only when the client and the designer work together.

The best interior designers are also specialized in their job. You would find interior designers who claim to be experts in both residential and commercial interior designing but what you must know that everyone has his or her forte. In fact, if you compile a list of top 10 interior designers in Mumbai,you would find that they fall in the category of either residential or commercial interior designing.

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