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Top 4 residential interior design tips to liven up your home

There are a number of commercial spaces, which require professional attention in both designing and technical aspects. These places include eating joints, corporate offices, retail stores, etc. There are specific points or aspects of commercial interior designing that interior designers touch upon while working on different projects.

  • What purpose does fulfil? - Commercial interior design firms aim to create spaces that fulfil your functional requirements. Interior designers schematically lay out an appropriate design of the interiors based on a number of factors such as kind of a business, who are the employees, how much privacy or space they require and what tasks are to be performed there.
  • Creativity and uniqueness - Firms with expertise in commercial interior design try to design each commercial space in a unique and creative manner. It allows them to add certain aesthetic elements that differentiate one office space from another. Customers are usually drawn to commercial spaces with quirky, out of the box, and unique interiors.

Residential interior designers understand that the home of their clients should reflect their personalities and tastes.

Following are a few residential interior design tips to transform your living spaces:

  1. Small rooms must be painted in light hues. You can add mirrors in empty places to give an illusion of added space. Keeping the windows open during the day will allow the natural light to enter the room and brighten the space.
  2. Use covers whenever possible as an easy and cheap way to change the interiors of your house. Make sure that the covers match the couch or the room colour. Covers are ideal for homes that have small children in them.
  3. Make the best of what you have. Instead of shelving of money on expensive accessories and glassware, residential interior design can be done by making use of items available at home. Metal plates, trays, candles, cups, mugs, etc. can be used as decorative pieces. Photographs can be framed and old glass bottles can be filled with pebbles or coloured balls.

Adding plants to your living area is always in fashion. It is also a healthy way to enhance the indoor air quality. Not only do plants beautify homes, they also reduce the humidity levels in the ambient air.

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