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Here’s why best interiors designers are using light colours

Making your dream house can be a laborious task. That being said, it is best to seek assistance from experts in this field. For starters, let’s understand what professional designers actually do? Consider them to be magicians who transform your vision into reality. They take your vision for your house and make sure that they turn it into reality.

Some of the best designers who transform your dream house into reality are the interior designers in Navi Mumbai. They are considered the best in the market. They say that light is the new trend that everyone should opt for. There are a number of reasons why Mumbai based best interior designers are favouring light colours in their projects.

Humans are deeply affected by their surroundings and thus a warm, homely atmosphere is considered to be the need of the millennium. Colours have a psychological effect on your body. A certain set of light colours can help you out on those days when you are feeling low. The demand for light colours on the walls has greatly increased in big cities like Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata. It’s been said that the colours on the wall are a direct reflection of the kind of person we are. Hence you should pick the right shade for your room.

Colours are classified as Active, Passive and Neutral. Let’s take a closer look at which ambient colours suit you well.

Red: Red is considered to be the brightest colour. A lighter shade of red best suits the interiors of houses. The colour of anger and danger can be used as the colour of warmth and affection too. It is said to be best suited for the living and dining rooms.

Yellow: If happiness had a colour, it would be yellow. Painting the walls of your room yellow is one secret for introducing happiness into your life.

Brown: This is the most used and highly demanded colour. It helps make your room look comfortable and elegant. Brown is a pleasant colour and it is considered to be elite when it comes to selecting an ambient colour for your room.

White: Colours like white create an optical illusion for the viewers and helps give a bigger appearance to your room. It’s also considered to be the epitome of freshness and perfection. It is hard to maintain but it does help in setting up that ‘Good Vibe’ in your room.

This is why designers prioritize ambient colours. However it is up to you to decide what colour best suits you.

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