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Two Offbeat Interior Designs in Trend According to Interior Decorators

Interior design has the capability to instil life into your living space. In fact, home décor can make your humble abode a reflection of your personality; it makes the house your home. Clearly interiors play quite an important role, which is why it is crucial to find the best decorator when it comes to designing a house. Experienced interior decorators will not only take your inputs, but also make you aware of the latest design trends to ensure that your house has a personalised as well as a contemporary touch.

Here are two most popular home décor styles that are trending currently, according to the interior decorators in Mumbai:

Industrial Style

Interior decorators consider this one for those who have a penchant for rustic and raw designs. The unfinished touch can be great for a studio apartment or loft. High ceilings, rough surfaces, exposed pipes, bare bricks and bare windows are few of the prominent features of industrial style home décor. Other attributes of the style include:

Pieces of furniture made of aluminum, steel, and iron.

Lighting fixture with a metal finish

Extensive use of concrete and wood

The colour theme in this style mainly comprises dark and white tones and lacks the use of primary colours in the room. Grey and brown are the most common colour palettes in this theme to help maintain the raw industrial look of the house.

Indian Style
Preferred by those who are evergreen at heart, this style is a riot of bright colours and can instantly uplift the overall mood of the house. Theinterior decorators in Mumbai consider that Indian interiors offer an exuberant atmosphere with a liberal use of colours in home furnishings. The subtle mix of bright tones further enhance the aesthetic beauty of the living space while bringing out the Indian emblems with ease. Other remarkable features of Indian style home décor are as follows:

Carpets with detailed handwork, statues of deities and drapes made of jute.

Ornate carvings on the pieces of furniture.

Sandook or vault and traditional cabinets and cupboards

Bold yet fresh colours are prevalent in this home décor style. Besides, the colour theme exudes hues of burnt Indian spices enhancing the beauty of the living space.

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