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The used trends of the best residential interior designers in India

With every single year, comes a new trend in home decor that establish the theme of that particular year. The interior design firms, with their extensive artful knowledge, try to represent their own design ideas that resemble the established theme of the year. While sticking to a particular trend has been a widespread practice, it is short-lived and has a temporary presence within the community.

In this changing world of interior design, some of the trends have outlived others while some have perished. It is quite astonishing to note that some bygone trends were widely used by the best residential interior designers in India. As soon as these trends were established, the designing communities start working on them and started creating new artistic influences. However, these trends lost their effect within a year.

To note some of the recognized trends of the best residential interior designers, one would have to go down the memory lane. One of the viral trends that cannot be seen anywhere today is that of farmhouses. The semi-village look was not able to create an impact on the Indian population and faded out within a few years.

Furniture has always had a huge influence on interior design. Furniture is used to replace the outdated models of sofas and dining sets, while replacing them with contemporary models. However, this trend of interior design was not able to go viral as it was an unaffordable option for many people.

The millennium colour pink was also a trend. Several residential interior designers in India represented décor with shades of pink. The colour was unique as it was neither too pink nor too peach. While flavours of blue and neutral have been the recent trend in 2019, the millennial pink era is nowhere to be seen.

Houseplants were extremely desirable last year as they brought a touch of nature to the interiors of the house. Today, many houses have overgrown this trend and have started using flora and fauna to bring the desired environment to their house. While thinking of former viral trends, one cannot forget about the art calligraphy that was once hugely hyped. Although it once enjoyed immense popularity, the style seems to have faded away.

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