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The modern approach adopted by interior decorators

As India is in its transition age so are it’s newly designed home decorations. With a wide range of one-storied, two-storied residential to high rise apartments, India has an abundant opportunity for interior designing market. Having a plethora of opportunities for evolving home furnishings, interior decorators are in huge demand in the urban and sub-urban sectors. Rising urbanization in major cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi has created ample opportunities for home designers to provide unique creativity in several domiciles. The wide ranges of a condominium that are transitioning with the current century have created a subsistence platform for expressing vibrant art in home interiors. This transitional phase from rich culture and tradition to modernization also resonates with interior decorations that paved the way for abundant exotic and complex art styles in interior designing.

This mixing of traditional and modernized art is captivating enough to attract generations from both periods. Though it is not easy fusing arts of two centuries in one enclosed environment here are some tips by interior decorators in Mumbai that every Indian should adapt to make their interior architect resonating best of both worlds.

  • The hallmark for every Indian interior design is the use of bright and varied colour palettes. It is essential to not create an abrupt visual art that but to keep it unique and varied at the same time. Shades of ochre-yellow, burnt orange and texture-rich brown are the best options for any walls and floors.
  • Using solid wood furniture is a necessary trait for every Indian household. Authentic looking and stunning traditional craftsmanship along with modern traits of architecture will bring out the inner beauty in every native domiciliary.
  • The best location to blend in vintage and modern culture is in the seating arrangement. Arranging convenient and different levels of seating will provide room for relaxation for individuals having preferred choices.
  • Decorating sleek and ethnic furniture with colourful handicrafts and artefacts will offer a dynamic environment.
  • Using creative and beautifully crafted fabrics as a canopy or as long drapes of the curtain is a great way to introduce rich-heritage ethnicity. These decorative textiles used as cover sheets for furniture can bring out the charismatic aesthetic in a room.
  • India has a large catalogue of paintings ranging from gold-leafed Tanjore to intrinsic miniature Rajasthani paintings can easily blend in with the progressive and vigorous ambience of any Indian condos.

These decorating tips that are at par with traditional interior designs are perfect for any household progressing with modernization but being nostalgic at the same time.

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