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Popular designs of residential interior designers in Mumbai

To name some of the popular traits of design that have been adopted by the interior designers would be impossible, as the list would be too long to accommodate on a single page. The new styles of décor have evolved into several forms and categories, with each trying to provide a brand new outlook to the known methods of design.

While the common people are not well versed with the extensive vocabulary of residential interior designers,determining the perfect décor becomes hectic for the designers. On the positive side, the people with an artistic mindset are provided with abundant options in which they can implement their own blend of style to express their creativity.

Mumbai, with its acres of land, is filled with residential plots and complexes that have been the biggest platform for experimentation. The development of so many residential and commercial complexes within the city has enabled the top residential interior designer in Mumbai to come up with new trends and styles.

The liberty to express something new and fresh has thus erupted to form a contemporary style. As a result, one needs to be well versed with the popular styles that are being used in interior design in the modern age. To be well possessed with the knowledge of interior design, here are some of the popular styles of the residential interior designers in Mumbai.

Modern styles encompass an organized fashion that is expressed well with crisp lines. A single colour palette is used to express this style. Touches of material like glass or metal are induced within the design format, in order to come up with a distinct style. Simplicity and sleekness are the primary elements that are at play here.

Contemporary tends to fuse two or more patterns within a single format. If one wishes to adopt the old classic styles while not leaving the newer nuances, then contemporary is the choice for them. On the other hand, modern brings forward a unique new essence. Minimalist designs simplify the modern styles by inducing neutral palettes into a streamlined layout. A sense of sleek functionality fused with an ultra-clean layout defines the essence of this style.

Industrial designs draw their inspiration from warehouses and urban lofts. An unfinished raw essence is expressed with an exposed layout of bricks and wood, hence, providing an industrial theme to the interiors. The midcentury modern design signifies a nostalgic touch to remind one of the glorious old times. It emphasizes a natural and organic essence with its contemporary and easy to use fabrications.

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