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Must have skills for Interior Designers

Professionals who are good at their work and are extremely productive are always going to be in demand. One category of such professionals are interior designers. There are certain rules that these designers follow when it comes to their work.

  • Rule of 3/3
    Designers all around the world believe in this rule. They stand back in a room and divide the room into three parts. The divisions are such that deep coloured commodities are at the very bottom of the list, the middle is for slightly lighter coloured products/materials and the top is for extremely light products. One needs to plan, mix and match different products on the basis of these categories.
  • Dominance of 10-30-60
    Interior designers in Mumbai divide colours according to their dominance in the room. In this rule, they select three colours and accommodate them in the ratio of 10-30-60. The most significant colour occupies about 60% of the area. This color is used on the floors and the ceiling and is preferably a lighter color. 30% is given to the secondary colour on the list. A slightly bright colour is preferred here. The least dominant is the brightest of the lot and this colour covers 10% of the area.
  • The odd rule
    Interior designers strongly recommend maintaining the odd rule in a room. It is satisfying to keep items in an unpaired order rather than keeping them in pairs. It appeals to the eye and makes the room more attractive. Three is the ideal number and anything above that will make the room appear crowded while anything below that will make the room look vacant.
    Building that dream home requires an immense amount of effort and will. Hiring the person that knows the job well will help further the overall process. Below are a few skills of a good interior designer.
  • Instinct for creativity
    Designing is such a field that it demands all-time creativity from the person. Handling clients and giving them the best service is only possible when the designer thinks outside the box.
  • Speaking skills
    Communication is an important part of any successful business. One needs to reach out to clients and explain designing to them. The designers should be able to help with answers to questions and should be presentable in front of the client.

Get in touch with a proficient designer and be open to new ideas that will be flung at you.

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