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How does a modern office design look?

The interiors of an office play a significant role in developing a congenial atmosphere for work. According to several researches, a well-designed office has a significant effect on the psyche of the workforce and hence shapes their productivity. This is the reason why companies invest such huge amounts of money in interior design. Needless to say, there have been a lot of changes in the way organizations perceive interior designing.

There was a time when most offices consisted of a combination of cabins for the officers and open spaces for the lower ranked employees. This clearly expressed the rank divide within the office. However, such an arrangement is no longer considered to be an ideal practice in any organisation. Nowadays, most workplaces are being designed with the low height cubicle structure that allows every employee to have their personal workspace, while providing them with an equal sitting facility. With the adoption of this agile methodology, office spaces are becoming more and more collaborative. The rules of interior designing of a workplace are changing, with an increasing number of progressive organisations trying off beat and innovative sitting arrangements for their employees. It would be no surprise if, in the coming years, more creative flexible office designs are adopted by organizations.

Whatever changes might happen to the interior design of workplaces, there are a few things which do not show any signs of change. These things can be considered to be the constants of office interior design. Among these constants, the most important is probably ergonomics. The importance of ergonomic design and arrangement of office furniture is increasing day by day. This is due to the increased awareness about health and fitness among the employees. Organizations are also laying an emphasis on designing a clutter free work floor so that accidents can be avoided. Hence, if you check out any contemporary office interiors, you will find that all the facilities are located at a suitable distance from one another.

Another constant is the use of a particular theme which fits well with the vision of the organization. Most organizations select themes that are based on the core values of the organisation. The role of a good interior designer is to highlight that theme by using colours and motifs as this directly influences the employees’ minds and helps develop a sense of belongingness. Besides the primary theme of the design, a modern office design has also started including motivational imageries at key locations. These help foster the ideals of work ethics amongst the employees.

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