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Here’s how you can be among the top interior designers in India

There are no laid rules or formats for being one of the most recognized interior designers, as it all depends on the skill and experience that one has gathered over the years. To have a fulfilling career within the profession, one should acquire skills, knowledge and experience. Becoming a master in the subject will help implement new ideas of design and will thus pave the way for refinement. Hence it is all about refining artistic skills and having creative ambition.

While having a firm understanding of the application of colour and texture is essential, it is also necessary to know how to deal with clients. Listening to what the client says and implementing it in a practical manner is what defines the profession of an interior decorator. One needs to provide a keen ear while conversing with clients to understand their requirement. The more experience one has in dealing with a client, the more fluent the conversation between the two parties. Hence client handling and management are essential if one wants to become one of the best interior designers.

While dealing with customer is an integral aspect of this profession, one should also be well versed with collaboration. All interior designers in Mumbai need to work with individuals from other professions while dealing with a project. They either join hands with a builder or a constructor while trying to implement the specifications of a project. In order to better handle the project and be more efficient in the work, one needs to be cooperative with the other teams. A better result can only be achieved with effective collaboration.

To be one of the best interior designers in India one also needs to be proficient in mathematics. Being skilled in calculations and mathematics will surely provide the desired edge over others in the field. Precision is often seen as a sign of professionalism in the field. Interior design is not only about choosing curtains and designs, as there are factors of scaling and measurement that need to be considered as well.

Since experience matters in this line of work, aspirers can look for internships at reputed firms. Such an apprentice program will help refine skills and gain experience in project handling and dealing with clients.

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