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Go Green approach in interior design by interior designers in Mumbai

It’s a fact that an ambience of a room affects the emotions of its occupant. Interior designers in Mumbai stress on the fact that a colourful wall exerts a joyful and bright emotion while a darker shade can reflect an aloneness and negative thoughts on a person. Though the shades of a wall have a deep impact on the mental health of a person it also depends on the quality of air and household materials such as furniture to reflect the inner surrounding in any residencies. Even electronic gadgets play a factor in the mental health of a recipient.

With poisonous emissions from industries, automobiles, refrigerators and aerosols, etc. into the atmosphere, the quality of air is getting degraded each day thereby causing depreciation in the physical and mental health of any inhabitant. Being concerned with such poor air index quality people have shifted to environmental friendly approach in their homes for a healthy surrounding and prolong vitality around the house. Along with improving the indoor air quality this eco-friendly approach also deducts any impacts of furniture purchases. Being healthy and being adopted by many household recipients these go-green methods are also applied by several interior designers who provide a healthy environment without compromising the beauty of the design.

Since this approach is entirely creative and not implemented by big professional interior designers it is entirely home-made and depends on the creativity of the consumer. Following are some tips that any person can apply in their houses or offices.

One of the basic methods is to use plants as decoration. Not only do they purify the surrounding air but brings a characteristic beauty and a natural essence.

Letting in more light into the room can provide a suitable environment especially during winters. Constructing your houses along with the proper orientation of the sunlight can work wonders for the health and surrounding inside the house. If possible it is best not to apply dark shade in the walls to get the maximum exposure of sunlight in the kitchen and the living rooms.

Using furniture made of natural wood instead of synthesized and plastic moulds will provide the desired eco-friendly interior. Moreover naturally wooded furniture lasts long than synthesized sawdust or fibreboard.

For a desired healthy surrounding inside the home, it is always better to switch to organic products rather than synthesized or artificially crafted product as it not only guarantees longer lifespan but also brings out a natural aesthetic to its surrounding.

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