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Difference between residential & commercial interior design

The concept of working environment for people has changed drastically with time. According to a lot of surveys conducted, a comfortable and positive environment at work place not only helps you keep your employees happy but also increases their productivity. Imagine a shabby looking congested place where people are working. The efficiency of the workers is affected as they cannot concentrate on their work. Working environment had become a matter of concern for all the business houses and here is when the concept of modern office design came in discussion. Be it a small startup company or a big multinational, a lot of attention is been paid towards the interiors of the office, using modern office designs to make the place smartly productive, using the limited space efficiently. Not only the employers but these days the employees as well prefer working with companies with a comfortable working environment. When you are spending more than half of your day at office, anybody would want to be at a place where they can focus on their work and give their best. In the long run it not only improves their performance but also reduces the employee’s attrition rate.

There are interior designing companies, which specializes in providing contemporary office interiors. The whole process involves an extensive process of understanding the nature of the business and requirements of the company. It is necessary that the look and feel of the office should align to the type of business and work one deals in. For example, if a company deals in designing, the interiors should provide that creative space for the employees. Also, it is necessary to design the space keeping in mind future growth and expansion. The space should be flexible enough to accommodate additional functions in future.

There is a lot of difference between designing a residential space and a commercial space. When it comes to commercial interior design, a lot of importance is given on increasing the functionality which would not only elevate the style of the place but also leads to financial gains. Efficient use of the space without compromising with the design is the core of commercial interior design. Whether it is a luxurious hotel or a small business, it is very important to transform the client’s vision into reality giving more practicality and a chic look to the space. A perfect commercial place has the power to transform a failing business to a profitable one.

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