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Best Interior designers in India  are sticking to metallic finishes

Decorating their house with a luxurious getup is the dream of every Indian. Covering the four walls of a residence with costly fittings and colours turns out to be heavy on the pockets. Fancy accommodations integrated with luxurious finishes are in high demand among the Indian localities.

Interior designers of urban localities who specialize in home decor are applying gold plated fittings and fixtures to satiate the demands of classy localities. The touch of gold in every fitting, finish and fixture provides a luxurious look that sets it a class apart. Using a fancy palette in the interiors of a house gives a dazzling décor to the residency.

This exceptional palate is not suited to everyone’s taste although it has the ability to portray the luxurious ambience of any space. For inhabitants who do not like the use of gold in their enclosed walls, Best interior designers in India have come up with a solution to present a rich aesthetic without the application of the gold palate. There are certain colours that match with the dazzling features of a gold palate. These vary in the range of wooden brown or lighter colored palettes. These colors have the ability to resonate with gold furnished interiors in the spacious areas of a residential space.

The adept artisans who are specializing in home furnishing also state that gold fitted accessories, such as furniture and various other fittings, should be accommodated in those houses that have adequate space.

Traditional black and white shades always resonate well with gold furnishings. A brisk touch of red is also a popular choice though it is an acquired taste and does add more extravagance to the interiors. Apart from the classic choices of traditional shades, the golden tint is complimented well by exotic shades of dark green, velvet blue, chocolate, wine as well as intense wine colours. These affluent colours have a texture that suits the gold finish extremely well.

If luxury is the main factor while designing the interiors, choosing a golden palate or applying gold furnishing for various necessities gives out an exceptional and vivid ambience. Posh communities are finding ways to design their residential assets with exquisite touches and lavish finishes. However, interior designers are already one step ahead of them in formulating a luxurious ambience inside such lavish sites. The color scheme is equally popular in both high class and middle-class communities who desire to establish a lavish atmosphere in their precious abodes.

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